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GDPR for the Rest of Us

In the days following the latest Facebook scandal, in which we learned that Cambridge Analytica collected and misused the personal data of potentially 50 million

GitHub Hit with Largest DDoS in History

On February 28th, 2018, GitHub reported that it experienced the largest DDoS attack on record, with a maximum volume of 1.35Tbps. The GitHub Attack Process

Telegram Zero-Day Used to Mine Crypto

Kaspersky Labs revealed today that a previously-unknown attack on the popular messaging app Telegram infects users’ devices with cryptocurrency mining malware. Research indicates that Russian

Alteryx Joins the Data-Breach Club

Alteryx, a data mining and analytics firm, just disclosed it accidentally exposed the personal details of over 120 million American households. This data included the

Nicehash Confirms Theft of Bitcoin

Nicehash, the cryptocurrency mining company, has confirmed the theft of over 4,736.43 Bitcoin, worth over $75 million at today’s prices. What We Know On Wednesday, December