About Us

Read on to learn what makes SCS the right partner for you.

The SCS Edge

We believe in making things as easy as possible, while never straying from our pledge to provide robust security. SCS cybersecurity ensures preparedness, protection, peace of mind and confidence to keep your business going… and growing.


Our team of information technology experts are sharply focused on meeting your needs for compliance, information security and computer forensics. In addition to our years of experience, we hold multiple certifications, including CISSP, CISA, OSCP, CEH, PMP, MBAs and Fortinet NSE, to help your business become more aware, prepared and effective.


A security system that crashes cannot protect your business against attackers. Our always-on approach ensures we are always ready to intervene if any problem arises. There will never be a moment when a firewall failure or unpatched system allows attackers to breach your network. Our reliable cybersecurity services provide reliable protection.


Our MSSP business model ensures you always get the most value for your money. We believe that staying safe from digital attackers can and should be a realistic and affordable option. We take exceptional pride in our ability to make cutting-edge cybersecurity and compliance available to every business.


Our cybersecurity experts are passionate about staying current with the latest developments in the field. Our goal is to ensure your systems are always protected, from existing and emerging threats, no matter how sophisticated. Our experts are dedicated to staying steps ahead of the most advanced cybercriminals, and that benefits your business.


Even a moment’s delay can allow an otherwise unremarkable attack to devastate. SCS’ around-the-clock monitoring and response mitigates damage in ways that competitors simply cannot match. Our clients depend on us to respond whenever a security issue arises — to detect, defend and secure data and operations.
Our strategic and deeply committed approach to cybersecurity keeps businesses safe from even the most determined attackers. At the same time, we make sure that our clients never need to worry about issues like availability and cost.