Managed Security

We monitor systems and network traffic to identify anomalous behavior in real time.

A Systematic Approach to Safety

As a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), SCS ensures that your information is accessible and useful only to employees, customers and partners and to no one else. Our primary focus is on IT security that prevents, detects and responds to any threats across your network, infrastructure or applications.

SCS also offers cloud computing solutions that are focused on the safety and security of your data. We help our clients implement a managed hosting solution that keeps information safe and keeps your network running.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider?

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) use advanced tools and systems to monitor large amounts of data, and evaluate hard-to-see threats, vastly expanding your ability to protect your company.

Why Use a Managed Security Service Provider?

Government agencies, large and small businesses all use MSSPs to run and protect their organizations better. The cost and effort to hire the people and buy the systems internally is simply prohibitive. Even when budget may be allocated, it is a highly specialized field of knowledge. Your investment will go significantly further through SCS’s seasoned experts.

Our Services

A SIEM are tools for Security Incident and Event Management that gathers data logs – incredibly large amounts of data in combination with our security experts in our SOC – Security Operations Center. Our team uses multiple industry recognized tools along with our own proprietary systems to recognize when there is a possible security issue. We look at behavioral anomalies and manage alerts and respond when necessary and as needed any time of day or night.
EDR is a trendy way of saying End Point Detect and Respond. Our team will deploy, monitor, manage and respond by protecting your compute devices including laptops, tablets, desktops.
Acronyms aside, we deploy, monitor, manage, and respond when we are protecting your network and internet connections.
The SCS team will make sure you have the right policies and technology to ensure the right users have appropriate access to technology resources.
As people and company “Go to the Cloud” SCS will ensure you are protected as we monitor your users and the access to your cloud services.
One of the most basic, foundational concepts for technology security, our team will manage about any type of Firewall. You can depend upon us to review the configuration(s), use all the services available to make this a strong front line of defense.
We will run on a regular basis scans of your environment to identify, prioritize and when requested remediate gaps in your network and systems.

In SOC We Trust

SCS’s Managed Security Services take the burden off your company and IT staff with our 24/7/365 US-based Security Operations Center. Our team consists of specialized Cybersecurity professionals armed with best-in-class tools. Having a purpose-built cybersecurity team can allow your company to focus on core business objectives, stabilize budget, and meet and expand capabilities, leading to a safer, stronger organization. 

Why Use SCS?

The SCS approach and ethos are values-driven and customer-centric, always based on foundational best practices and emerging knowledge and technologies. Simply stated, we care a lot and love cybersecurity.  When you ask us to help out, we go above and beyond.  When you hire us, we will always strive to exceed expectations.